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Map of all stores
Dymocks Bonham Road
Store Closed
Dymocks Citygate
Tel. (852) 2109 4717
Email | Location
Dymocks Discovery Bay
Tel. (852) 2914 2133
Email | Location
Dymocks Hong Kong Station
Tel. (852) 2147 3588
Email | Location
Dymocks Hopewell Centre
Tel: (852) 3527 3560
Email | Location
Dymocks IFC mall
Store Closed
Dymocks Repulse Bay
Store Closed
Dymocks Sai Kung
Tel. (852) 2791 9110
Email | Location



The Dymocks Booklover’s Rewards program will be terminating in 60 days from 2nd January 2015.

1. A copy of the terms and conditions of the Dymocks Booklover’s Rewards program can be found here.

2. Booklover members will be able to earn and redeem points from 2 January 2015 until 2 March 2015.

3. To ensure that every member is given ample time to redeem their points - from 3 March 2015, Booklovers will no longer earn points on their transactions, but will be able to redeem any points on their account up until 30 June 2015.

4. On 1 July 2015, all Hong Kong Booklover cards will be closed and any outstanding points will be removed.

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